ReeCourse Golf Products

ReeCourse Greens Formula with SumaGrow inside

OMRI Listed

ReeCourse Greens (used on Greens and Tee Boxes) is a custom formulation built to aid in the withstanding of the extreme traffic and stresses that Greens and Tee Boxes receive.

The ReeCourse Greens formula works to lengthen and strengthen the root systems so that more water can be accessed to improve the turf and provide for the lush green appearances that all courses strive for!

ReeCourse Fairways Formula with SumaGrow inside

OMRI Listed

ReeCourse Fairways (used on Fairways, and Roughs if desired) is a custom formulation focused on the needs of the golf course fairway.  These areas of the course need assistance with recovering from stresses such as divots and riding carts. The ReeCourse Fairways product enables a significantly more developed root system which in turn results in a decreased divot recovery time and a turf grass able to withstand greater stresses.

ReeVerse Poa – this product is temporarily unavailable - 

ReeVerse Poa addresses the poa annua problem that many golf courses experience across their greens, tees, and fairways.  In most cases, poa annua is considered a common weed (also known in the Americas as annual bluegrass or annual meadow grass) and  is resistant to many weed and grass killers. ReeVerse Poa works differently in that it stimulates the healthy grass around the poa so that it out-competes the poa.  This process results in the poa gradually being smothered out and dying off while the healthy grass grows in.  The ReeVerse Poa does this without leaving the unsightly brown spots that many industry standard products cause!

You may also download a PDF of the ReeCourse Golf brochure here -> ReeCourse Golf Trifold