ReeCourse Fairways: Sports Field Trial Results – from Australia!

australian flagWe are excited to share some great sports field trial results coming to us from our friends in Australia!

Farm Organix Australia, a distributor of ReeCourse Golf products, reports great results from a trial of the ReeCourse Fairways Formula!

Using only the ReeCourse Fairways Formula on half of the trial area, a school in West Australia treated their sports field and saw greater root length & root structure development versus the other half of the trial area that used only a traditional chemical fertilizer.sports field trial results reecourse fairways

Additionally, the ReeCourse Fairways Formula treated area resulted in a fuller, denser turf.  Finally, in addition to the findings outlined in the report, the Grounds and Maintenance Manager comments that “the ease of application of ReeCourse is a huge benefit in time savings and simplicity in handling and mixing.”

Check out the complete trial results (with before & after photos!!) here -> Australia Sports Field Trial

You can also view additional sports field trial results via our Field Trials page. Or visit our Product Page for more information about ReeCourse Golf Products.

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