Sports Field Achieves Remarkable Growth

July 2011
In just 8 weeks, this football field in Salem, IL achieved 95% grow-in, compared to the average grow-in time of 16‐18 weeks. The secret? They used only SumaGrow based products!

Professional landscaper and agronomist, Dave Bartok, and his brother Danny, have been in the landscaping business for over twenty years and manage over 7000 accounts, 3000 using solely SumaGrow.

As the field was being converted from cool season grass to warm season grass, the treatment began by killing off the existing cool season fescue and blue grass. After core‐aeration, the field was treated with one gallon per acre of a product containing SumaGrow and then power seeded with approximately 100lbs of Bermuda Grass seed. Three weeks later Dave applied another application of one gallon per acre mixed with 1/2 the normal application of post‐emergent weed control. The standard second  application of weed control was cancelled as the grass was so thick there were no weeds.

There was 100% reduction in fertlizer, 16.7% less seed, 75% less weed control products, and just half the normal growth time!

Dave says: “Normally I am very conservative and cautious, but this product has shown tremendous results and saved my company a lot of money.”

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